Clints Bits – 10/6


Quite sad to hear about the death of Australian actor Trevor Goddard today. Goddard,a regular on the TV Series "Jag" was found in his Hollywood home, authorities are saying it could be suicide. Considering he leaves behind a family, it’s even more distressing. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

  • Sony Pictures Classics have announced the acquisition of the North American rights to Wolfgang Becker’s award-winning film, “Good bye, Lenin!” which was named Best European Film at the Berlin International Film Festival and recently won nine Lola’s at the German Film Awards, including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor. Thanks to ‘Alex’

  • The IMDB is reporting that Reese Witherspoon is already lanning “Legally Blonde 3”, which will be set in London. Says Witherspoon, “"Marc Platt, the producer, thought it would very funny to have Elle in London, having to go up to the bar with all the barristers. Europe is the next big world to conquer. Elle’s conquered America. It’s time to conquer the globe”.

  • Christopher Reeve is set to direct an adaptation of a very famous book, one which its author hasn’t agreed to, until now. As for which one? Reeve’s not saying.

  • Spielberg Films are reporting that “Catch Me if you Can” is being made into a musical by the gang that created “Hairspray”.

  • Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert de Niro, Anthony Hopkins and Sean Penn are set to team on a new UK Drama called “Duggans Law”, reports Luton Today. Thanks to Dark Horizons

  • FilmForce reports that a new ending for Wolfgang Peterson’s next film “Shutter Island” is in the works before it’s even been written. The studio apparently wants to change the book’s ambiguous ending to something more Hollywood.

  • Coming Soon reports that the band, ‘Aaggravated Assault’ recorded the track single ‘Mental Termination’ (The Terminator) for the “Terminator 3” soundtrack.

  • Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner’s C/W Prods. is developing the story of the cataclysmic 1947 industrial accident in Texas City, Texas, which led to the first civil class action suit against the U.S. government. No idea whether Cruise is set to star in it or not.

  • Latino Review talked to “Dumb and Dumberer” star Rachel Nichols who revealed what we can expect in terms of cut scenes on the eventual DVD.

  • Kristin from E Online has details on the next season of “24”. “Not surprisingly, it appears the new season picks up mere hours from when we last left off (unlike the two-year fast-forward from last time). The skinny on the storyline is that Jack, who has a new lease on life after all the terrible events of "yesterday," decides to get serious with Kate. But (and it’s a J.Lo-circa-1997-size one), before he can surprise her, he is called into a case that will help him avenge Teri’s death.”

  • Aussie “Jag” star Trevor Goddard has been found dead in his Hollywood home. A preliminary investigation indicated that the actor’s death was a "possible suicide by drug overdose". Goddard had recently done a role in “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

  • Kari Wuhrer Online has behind the scenes pics up of “The Prophecy 4” and “The Prophecy 5”, which was shot in Romnia with Kari, Tony Todd and Jason Scott Lee.

  • According to Monkey Peaches, master action director Yuen Wo-Ping is set to direct “Jie Tpu Sha Shou” (known as “Iron Monkey 2” internationally). He’ll also direct a film adaptation of Marvel’s “The Hands of Shang-Chi”, due for release in 2005.

  • Chi McBride [“Boston Public”] has joined the cast of Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks film “Terminal”, says The Hollywood Reporter. McBride will play a baggage handler in the film.

  • Ron Howard’s next flick “Missing”, originally scheduled for a January release, has been pushed forward to December 10th.

  • Robin Tunney, Philip Baker Hall and Justin Chambers are set to star in the indie feature "In Control of All Things" for director Alexander Bulkley. Set amid the case of the Zodiac Killer, a serial killer who terrorized Northern California in the late 1960s, "Control" follows a police detective and his son who both grow obsessed with the murders and endanger their family in the process.

  • “Ice Age” whizzes 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios and director Chris Wedge have announced a new CGI Project, “Robots”, says The Hollywood Reporter. Halle Berry, Ewan McGregor, Mel Brooks, Drew Carey, Jim Broadbent, Stanley Tucci, Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Coolidge, Paul Giamatti, Dan Hedaya, D.L. Hughley, Jamie Kennedy, Harland Williams, Sofia Vergara and Amanda Bynes have signed to do the voices.