No Overnight Delivery for "Transporter 2"


It was supposed to be the prospective set-up for a series of “Transporter” movies, but assuming the film only paid for half the Statham family home rather than all of it, studios haven’t been too eager to greenlight a sequel. But that’s not stopping star, Jason Statham – currently appearing in “The Italian Job” – from discussing the possibility.

While talking the latter film to IGN FilmForce Statham revealed “Yeah! I mean, Luc [Besson, producer of The Transporter] was very keen to do one. It’s something I do want to do. I think the people like the character. I think the movie could have been better in certain areas. You know, we can definitely try and do that. I hope so”.

And another martial-arts flick is also on the cards. “Yeah, I’d love to. I mean it was my first attempt at that kind of a physical role. And I think learned so much from that. I think that whatever I do next along those lines, you know, will certainly exceed what I did in The Transporter. And I’m very much looking forward to that.”

And talking of sequels we didn’t think were going to happen, Dark Horizons reports that a prop at WizardWorld hinted at the possibility of a “Zorro 2”– and to check out these images for details.