Clints Bits – 11/6


Seems "The Hulk" is the talk of the town, or should I say, web, this week, so let’s try get through today’s bits without mentioning anything Green, Bana or Marvel. It’ll be tough, I know.

  • Just a reminder to our American/Canadian viewers to enter our "28 Days Later" competition on our giveawayspage. Darn easy – and some grand prizes up for grabs.

  • FilmForce has been updated with a special showcase dedicated to the upcoming “Iron Man” movie here

  • Creature Corner reports that Mekhi Phifer and Kevin Zegers [“Air Bud”] have joined the cast of “Dawn of the Dead”, whilst Scott Frank has been hired to do re-writes on the script.

  • NW Magazine reports that Julie Andrews is set to cameo as ‘the mother in law’ in the Colin Farrell/Kristiana Loken remake of “Ten”.

  • Rob Minkoff’s Sony-based production shingle Sprocketdyne Entertainment is teaming with Bullwinkle Studios to develop and produce the live-action/CGI-animated feature "Mr. Peabody & Sherman.", reports Aint it Cool.

  • Coming Soon talked to Eugene Levy who revealed there’s talk of him, Steve Martin and Queen Latifah doing a “Bringing Down the House” sequel.

  • SciFi Wire reports that a sequel to “Trekkies”, a doco about folks obsessed with Star Trek is set to go ahead. Denise Crosby will again host.

  • Melissa George told The Herald Sun that the producers of TV’s “Friends” have asked her to return as Rachel and Ross’s baby’s nanny.

  • Naomi Watts has joined the cast of “Stay” co-starring Ewan McGregor, about a psychologist at an Ivy League university (McGregor) who tries to prevent one of his students from committing suicide.

  • The trailer for “The Last Road Trip”, an action film about the upcoming Paris Dakar Rally, has gone up here

  • MGM has snapped up the rights to the comic book series "Criminal Macabre" from Dark Horse Entertainment, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • CBS has teamed with Jackie Collins to bring her best-selling novel "Hollywood Wives: The New Generation" to the small screen. Farrah Fawcett and Melissa Gilbert have signed on to star in the telefilm.

  • Eva Mendez told TV Guide that she asked a sex scene to be taken out of her new film “2 Fast 2 Furious”. "There was a sex scene between Monica and Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker), which I asked to be taken out," Mendez reveals. "It was on the houseboat. My character was already emotionally and physically involved with Carter Verone (Cole Hauser). Monica and Brian didn’t really have time to establish something, so I thought it was not proper to have a sex scene."

  • The Z Review received a rumour regarding Episode 3. “Senator Palpatine is not the Emperor, he has been manipulated by the Emperor. They didn’t tell me what the deal is with those two, but apparently Palpatine is a clone. Also Naboo gets blown up with the prototype Death Star ray. The early theory of anaking falling on a pit of lava is also true." Sceptics ahoy.

  • Latino Review has posted the teaser poster for Kevin Costner’s film “Open Range” here