"Hip Hop" Hooray


A little over a week ago, I sat down prepared to watch that night’s offering of screeners and preview discs. First [and last off the rank, because it put me off films for the whole night] was a little film called “Da Hip Hop Witch”, which Eminem notionally starred in.

The film was effectively another spoof on the whole “Blair Witch” trend, only this time set around a mythological figure of the rap world, who real life rappers like Eminem, mob deep, ja rule, rah digga and pras have apparently encountered. They talk to us, the audience, about it.

In both America and Australia they’re selling the movie by way of “Eminem”, his mug is on both sleeves of the international and domestic release – just different images. Only in Australia, the distributor here has the name ‘Eminem’ printed in a much larger font, or be it heading, than the other co-stars.

Seems perfectly reasonable to cash in on a film that features someone whose become bigger since, they’ve done it with Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves..a heap of folks. But something’s happened, “Da Hip Hop Witch” has been removed from stores…gulp….what’s the deal?

According to the IMDB, without explanation, Artisan Home Entertainment asked retailers to return all VHS and DVD copies of the movie – and why? Seems the film has been re-edited to feature more of Eminem’s scenes and that’s apparently a no no.

Says the site, “Video Store magazine reported Monday that Artisan has informed retailers that all sales of the title, which was set to be released on June 17, are prohibited. Reviews of the DVD appearing on numerous websites have been caustic, with one critic remarking that he’d rather have his toenails pried up with an icepick than have to sit through it again.”

An official for one retail chain said Artisan did not explain the reason for the recall to him, says Video Business. The decision to pull the title, however, didn’t entirely surprise him. "That title has been around for a while," he said. "And when they came around with it with Eminem’s face stuck on the cover, I said, ‘I’m going to be real surprised if this flies.’

So we’re assuming Marshall didn’t think much of the movie, then?