A Voyage into Hell…and back


Now wouldn’t it have been nice to have been invited to the Prague set of “Hellboy”? A few webmasters have been invited – but nup, not us, the best offer we’ve had all week is to go on a safari tour with Pauly Shore and his family. But enough snivelling, CountingDown did get invited to the set of the Guillermo del Toro/Ron Perlman flick and got the goods for everyone..

Del Toro talked teaser trailer and poster.

“The first theatrical teaser is gonna be [at the San Diego Comicon in July]. We’re gonna print two posters, Good vs. Evil [Ed. Note: I’ve seen the ‘Good’ poster design you’re gonna want a copy, trust me!], one with the good guys and one with the bad guys, and each of those posters are gonna run limited edition, never to be reprinted again, of 1002 posters for each (2004 posters total), and they’ll only be available at the booth in San Diego the first day. We release Memorial Day, 2004. And that’s about it. We are going to be ready with the movie and doing screenings by February. So there will be some sneaks starting February and March.”

And a sequel?

“I would love to do a sequel. I would love to do every Hellboy movie until Ron turns 70. I think that there are so many good stories…What I would like is to have [series creator] Mike Mignola and I come up with a story that incorporates some stuff of the comic, but is actually mostly original. I would like to take a little of ‘Almost Colossus’ and a lot of ‘Conqueror Worm’ and then go at it.”

As for the Kriegaffe, the robot-gorilla hybrid monsters of mad Nazi scientist/floating-head-in-a-jar Herman Von Klempt, being in it?

“Ah, yea! I do not think [the Kriegaffe] were a good idea for the first [movie], this movie has enough weird stuff as it is. But they will be there in the second one, for sure. Except the floating head on the second one will *not* be Von Klempt…you’ll have to wait and see who floats!”

And what’s next for del Toro?

“Before coming to Prague, I turned in my 17 page scriptment of ‘Wind in the Willows’, and a 50 page treatment of ‘At the Mountains of Madness’. My writing partner Matthew Robbins finished a pass several weeks ago, and I made my comments and my changes on the weekend, and the screenplay has been turned into the studio, we’ll see what happens. On’ Wind in the Willows’ now, we’re on pages. Every Sunday night, I send in my copies.”

For the full interview head to : Counting Down

Meantime, Aint it Cool scoopers are reporting on some “Hellboy” goodies that surfaced over at the NYC licensing show.

“Not only did they have some of the props from the movie,including his gun ( Looks like it weighs 15 lbs!) and some 2 foot models of Abe, Baby Hellboy, and a Demon( I confess to never having read Hellboy, so I am a little uninformed) but they had a FIVE MINUTE video onthe making of the movie, with scenes, and some FX shots( A lot of unfinished FX work too,unless Abe wears a wetsuit a lot, which is possible).Scenes of the NTFB and a battle between Hellboy and somebody. John Hurt looks his mad scientist best,and Selma Blair,, oooo.. The Best Line , "How am I gonna pick up a girl when I ride on a garbage truck." And they had what looked like a theater poster( without any titles) of Selma, Ron , and Abe nicely posed. Maybe if I go tommorrow, they’ll let me take a pic.. Till then, I remain yours…”