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Clints Bits – 12/6

Clints Bits – 12/6

Checked out Chris Guest’s latest flick "A Might Wind" this morning. Once again, a stellar effort from the writer-director-Jamie Lee Curtis snogger. Eugene Levy’s pretty off the wall in it, he’ll either make it or break it for you – but all in all not a bad effort. But enough critiquing, there’s work to be done..

  • Cameron Diaz and Catherine Zeta-Jones are the two top choices to star opposite Jim Carrey in the upcoming “Fun with Dick and Jane”.

  • Dimension films won’t be bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis [as Laurie Strode] for the next, the ninth “Halloween” movie.

  • The official Star Wars site says Episode III will take place three years after the events of Episode II, that an epic space battle will begin the film and that the film will have a – not surprisingly – PG rating. Thanks to ‘Gareth’

  • The Z Review reports a rumour that producers of “Spider-Man 2” are on the look out for an actor to play young Peter Parker in flashback scenes.

  • Aint it Cool reports a rumour that George Carlin will be appearing in “Scary Movie 3”. In his scene, he’ll apparently spoof “The Matrix”. Ja Rule has also joined the cast.

  • Aint it Cool reports that a live-action “Lupin” movie is in the works in France, starring Romain Duris and Kristin Scott Thomas. Lupin inspired the Lupin III manga character.

  • The IMDB reports that Chris O’Donnell has joined the cast of “Kinsey”, a movie starring Liam Neeson as sex research pioneer Dr. Alfred Kinsey.

  • Word from Warner is that the first season of “Smallville” is still targeted for DVD Release here in Australia for the fourth quarter of this year. I’m told December is the most likely target release month.

  • Original “Starsky and Hutch” stars David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser are in talks to do cameos in the remake, says The Daily Mirror.

  • The Z Review reports a wild rumour that Harrison Ford is interested in voicing the character of “Bob the Builder” in an impending film version of the kids series.

  • Lena Headey, Peter Stormare and Jonathan Pryce have joined the cast of The Brothers Grimm, reports Variety.

  • Good news “Freddy” fans [Australian based ones anyway!], “Freddy vs Jason” has been moved up a month from November to October. It’ll now be released – from Roadshow – on October 30 theatrically.

  • Latino Review have the final one-sheet poster for “Bad Boys II” up here

  • German-born Til Schweiger and Swedish native Stellan Skarsgard have signed on for roles in the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced feature “King Arthur”, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • James Spader is in talks to join the [what’s left of it] cast of “The Practice”. He will play Alan Shore, a complicated and ethically challenged lawyer, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Zap2it reports that John Waters is set to direct “A Dirty Shame”, which centers on a blue-collar convenience store owner-turned-sex addict, suffering from a concussion and uncontrollable sexual urges. Johnny Knoxville, Selma Blair and Paul Giamatti have already signed to star.

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