Around the World in 80 Seconds


If anyone’s keeping an eye on what’s going down, what’s going up, what’s being filmed, what’s being prepped and what kind of dog collar Scooby’s going to wear while in Canada, it’s our next ‘regular’ scooper. Whilst another recurrent news contributor has news of his own..

First, Michael from Command Entertainment drops by with a few new titbits..


“Elizabeth "Showgirls" Berkley stars in the MOW "Student Seduction", playing ‘Christie’, a young teacher accused of sexual harassment. Robin "The Hunger" Spry and Ronald J. "Obsessed" Gilbert produce. Peter "Scent Of Danger" Svatek directs. Lions Gate Television is handling worldwide distribution.

“Spry is also partnering on "Charlie Jade", a sci-fi TV series commissioned by CHUM Canada and the South African Broadcasting Corporation. The series is being prepped for a late fall start on location in South Africa.


“The $6 million ‘prequel’ to Ginger Snaps, continues post-production at Joe Media Group in Calgary.
In addition to returning stars Emily Perkins and Katherine Isabelle, the feature also includes Tom "Mutant X" McCamus. "Ginger Snaps : The Prequel" is directed by Grant Harvey. Written by Stephen Massicotte and Christina Ray, premise of the story is set in 1815 at a frontier trading post under siege by werewolves. Lions Gate Films are handling international distribution.”

“Producer Gale Ann "Hulk" Hurd has signed with the SCI FI Channel to produce the six-hour mini-series "RED MARS

“The announcement closely follows another high-profile deal made recently by SCI FI with filmmakers Dean "Independence Day" Devlin and Bryan "X2" Singer, currently developing "The Triangle" 8-hour mini, focusing on ‘the mysteries’ of the Bermuda Triangle.

“Based on Robinson’s best-selling novel of the same name, "RED MARS" chronicles the adventures of the first 100 colonists on Mars and their attempts to create a new world.

“Author Robinson, a member of NASA’s Mars Committee, will consult on the project, scripted by Gregory "Highlander" Widen. The series will air late 2004.

“Robinson’s work has garnered numerous writing awards including the ‘Nebula’ for "Red Mars" and "The Blind Geometer", the ‘Asimov’, the ‘John W. Campbell’, ‘Locus’, the ‘World Fantasy’ and the ‘Hugo’.

“Says noted author Arthur C. "2001" Clarke of Robinson’s "RED MARS" : " … the best novel on the colonization of Mars that has ever been written. It should be required reading for the colonists of the next century …"

And now Mark from Hollywood North Report

“National Lampoon’s Actors Judge Reinhold (Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Beverly Hills Cop), Bryan Cranston("Malcolm In The Middle") and actress Penelope Ann Miller(Along Came A Spider) will star in "National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion". Shooting starts June 23rd in Vancouver, British Columbia under the direction of Neal Israel(Police Academy, Bachelor Party). Vancouver doubles for Idaho locations in the TBS movie of the week that pits conservative vs. hippy relatives.”