Hulk Seduces Another


We will unleash our “Hulk” review as soon as the big-wigs at the House of Green say it’s ok to do so, but meantime we’ve received another review of the film, from one of our regular chaps. Today ‘Joseph Peter Savitski’ sits down at the table, grabs his knife and fork, sprinkles salt and pepper on what’s in front of him and sticks a skewer into it to see if it’s ready…

“After the immense success of the Spiderman and the X Men films, another Marvel character makes the transition to the big screen. However, those expecting to see an action packed thrill ride may be disappointed. Instead, expect to see a surprising intelligent and engaging film erroneously packaged as a summer blockbuster.

The character’s origins have been altered slightly. In the film Bruce Banner received modified DNA from his father, a scientist who was sent to prison for accidently killing Bruce’s mother in front of him. Decades later, Bruce himself is a scientist working on a project involve nanotechnology and gamma radiation. When a lab test goes awry, he is given a large dose of both but mysteriously survives.

But after a traumatic reunion with his father, Bruce begins experiencing psychological aftershocks before morphing into a rampaging 15 foot representation of his troubled subconscious. Now he has to contend with the military, who perceive him as a menace as well as the creature within.

Director Ang Lee has taken an unusual and courageous approach to Hulk. He chooses not to focus on the Hulk, but Bruce Banner and his inner turmoil of repressed memories and frustration. Although falsely advertised as an science fiction/action film, it is really a thoughtful meditation on the Jekyll/Hyde aspect of the human personality and the emotions that we abhore and surpress.

Eric Bana gives a standout performance as Banner, portraying him as a complex and believeable character;Nick Nolte is also equally strong as Bruce’s father. The film’s exceptional editing and beautiful cinematography also help to elevate the movie. Comic book fans may be disappointed by Hulk, but anyone looking for a smart and diverting film will definitely find it here.”

“5 out of 5 stars”

Ok, that’s another point to Uni. My verdict on Friday.