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Got anything for this Rush?

Got anything for this Rush?

Apparently Brett Ratner’s been trying to talk Jackie Chan into doing the third “Rush Hour” [for some reason he’s playing a little hard to get] but whatever the case, Ratner seems insistent it’s going ahead with a script and location already among the elements of his filofax.

“I just got the script for Rush Hour 3 today [June 3, 2003], so I’m going to read it tonight after I leave here and if it’s good, I’m going to do that. If not, I’ve got a few other movies that I’m trying to decide which one I’m going to do”, Ratner tells the About.Com site.

And is Jackie still playing hard to get? “No, no. I was just with him in Germany. We had a great time and I gave him the whole pitch and he loved it. I mean, we have so much fun making the movie, I think it’s inevitable that we’re all going to end up making the movie. Eventually. I don’t know if it’ll be my next movie. I’m hoping it is, but if not, I’ll make it sooner.”

“They’re going to New York, Paris and then another third place that I’m not going to give away that’s going to be amazing. Basically, they’re both fish out of water”, he says of the scenario.

“No one like the French right now so it’s a perfect opportunity”, he adds, saying they’ve some huge set pieces lined up.

Ratner was also asked if he’d consider giving Chan more power. “You always ask me that stupid question. No, because I’m the director. He’s the actor.”

And what else is in his future? “I’d love to do Dark Materials. I’m begging for Dark Materials. It’s just a hard thing to tackle because it’s so much. It’s three great books. We’re trying to figure it out. Samurai Jack, we’re just developing the script. I love the script to Be Cool, which I’m not doing, but I’m interested in. I love it. I don’t know, there’s so much good stuff around.”

What’s that, he’s not doing “Be Cool”? Didn’t the trades announce earlier today that Ratner is indeed interesting in directing it. The Hollywood Reporter, for one, said “The director behind "Rush Hour" is in negotiations to team with John Travolta on the studio’s "Be Cool," the sequel to the 1995 feature "Get Shorty." With Ratner near a signed deal, MGM and the project’s producers — former Jersey partners Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg and Stacy Sher — are hoping to get the project into production before year’s end. The only hitch could be that Ratner still owes his next film to New Line Cinema, home of the "Rush Hour" franchise. However, sources said that situation could be worked out if "Cool" can be scheduled around a third installment of the Jackie Chan-Chris Tucker starrer. The "Cool" vehicle will see Travolta reprise his role as Miami mobster-turned-movie producer Chili Palmer, who in the sequel decides that he’s had enough with the movie business and suddenly finds himself mixing it up with the rough and tough music business. He then meets a sexy young singer and decides to make her into a star.”

Meantime, Chan has just signed for a 60 million dollar still-untitled action movie, says AFP.

"It’s a fast-paced action movie with a budget of 60 million dollars and a significant portion (of that) will come into India through our services provided.", says filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt.

What was that about “Rush Hour 3” happening soon?

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