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Hats off to Hollywood

Hats off to Hollywood
Caffeinated Clint

If you’re an Aussie and you’re round about the same age as your affable webmaster you’ll remember sitting in front of the tube every Sunday night watching ABC’s “Countdown”. Ian “Molly” Meldrum [and his stocky sou’wester] would sit back in his patio chair counting down that weeks biggest music hits, before interviewing some spaced out rocker who doesn’t know what country he’s in let alone, what TV show he’s on.

Further substantiating belief that most of the movie industry has ran out of original ideas, and that they’ve finally gone bananas, “Countdown” is to turn into a film.

Aint it Cool reports “’Countdown’ was the greatest thing about the 1980s. Those of you in the US, try to imagine American Bandstand hosted by an Aussie in a cowboy hat (which he still has, btw). Now it seems a $7.5million feature is being adapted. Called, coincidentally, COUNTDOWN, the film will feature many pop stars from the era, all of which should now have plenty of time on their hands.”

How the heck they’re going to do this is inconceivable. What, is it a tell-all movie about host, Molly Meldrum? A “Larry Sanders” esque behind the scenes feature on what was going on on the set? Or simply an hour and a half of Molly sitting back introducing daggy film clips?

Whatever the case, it’s a damn scary thought.

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Movie News
Caffeinated Clint

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