Another couple of "Yards"


Reshoots don’t always mean that someone’s desperate to save a film that looks like dying a quick death in its current form. And hopefully that’s not the case with the sequel to “The Whole Nine Yards”..

FilmJerk reports “Production may have officially wrapped four months ago, but sources report to that “The Whole Ten Yards,” the sequel to the 2000 comedy starring Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry, is going to be doing some additional filming in the near future. Although this scene – which will appear as the opening credits roll – does not involve any of the star leads, it is not known if the producers are reshooting a previously filmed scene or a planned move.

“Casting agents for the film are looking for younger versions Jimmy “The Tulip” Tudeski (played by Bruce Willis), Yanni Gogolak (Kevin Pollack) and Strawbo Gogolak (Frank Collison), all in the 12 to 15 age. Each of the child actors must have a physical resemblance to the stars, obviously, with casting agents describing new character Strawbo as “Lanky, long-faced and not the brightest bulb in the Chandelier,” as well as call him “geeky and awkward.” Those playing the younger versions of Jimmy and Yanni, the casting notes say, “must have a lot of personality.”

So there you go, if anyone’s ever told you that you remind them of a young Bruce Willis, young Kevin Pollak, or young Frank Collison, get your butt down to LA immediately.