House of 1001 Corpses


I’d probably rather stick needles through my eyes and feast on cat food before sitting through another chapter of Rob Zombie’s “House of 1000 Corpses”. But I know a lot of folks out there are hankering for more, and today we’ve details on that second serve.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, “House” star Bill Moseley spilled some beans on the plot of the sequel. “It picks up where the last one left off, apparently its going to start with cops coming to the house, more cops like 20 cops” says Moseley. “Some of us get shot in some sort of shootout”.

According to the actor, Zombie is currently on page 40 of the script. Still, that doesn’t mean it’ll be out in time for April, as rumoured.

“You never know, who knows, there was a rumor that we were going to shoot sometime in September October, but you never know. But apparently I’m back, which is good! So is Sig Haig, Sheri Moon, Karen Black, but my favorite character, Grandpa Hugo, played by Dennis Fimple passed away!”, says Moseley.

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