Another Ripley, Believe it or Not


“The Talented Mr Ripley”, though a good film, still only attracted an audience of those interested in seeing “Matt Damon do something different”. And the latest ‘Ripley’ quest, “Ripley’s Game” attracted..well, it didn’t attract anyone. It was left to languish on a couple of screens for about 5 days before retiring to the vaults. So why then another “Ripley” movie?

According to a report on Aint it Cool, the next Cab off the Rank will be “White on White”, an adaptation of the book “Ripley Underground”. “In case you haven’t read the book, the story centres around Ripley’s attempts to make himself richer in the art world by concealing the death of an upcoming artist in order to ensure his paintings are sold on to galleries before the news becomes public. The artist’s corpse is housed in a freezer until the time is right for an announcement to be made and several characters are sworn to secrecy. Naturally, the plan doesn’t go smoothly resulting in several double-crosses and murders”, informs the scooper.

“The script starts off well with Ripley preparing to marry Heloise, a French woman he meets at the artist’s latest exhibition. As preperations are made for the wedding ceremony in the garden of his home, Ripley notices a human hand protruding from the ground and covers it up, reminding us that Ripley is still amoral as we know him to be. We then flashback to the exhibition where Ripley meets his bride-to-be (after removing her boyfriend from the scene) and makes his first move. The story then continues from there with the plot unfolding in the elongated flashback.”

According to the scooper, Barry Pepper [“Knockaround Guys”] is set to play Ripley this time ‘round, whilst Claire Forlani, Ian Hart and Douglas Henshall fill the supporting parts. Roger Spotiswoode directs.