Going to No.1, with a Bullet?


The Age’s ‘Short Cuts’ column has more details on the recently rumoured “Countdown” movie. According to the report, Producer Mark Pennell confirms “Countdown – The Movie” is epected to be shot in Melbourne later this year. “Set in 1982, the film will centre on four very different teens who will attend the same taping of a Countdown episode”. Several big name acts are reportedly interested in appearing in the $7.5 million dollar movie, whilst Melbourne’s old “green rattler” trams will be dusted for a scene involving a group of schoolboys who sing the Skyhooks classic ‘Women in Uniform’ to a bunch of schoolgirls. The movie will be directed by Francine McDouglal [“The Sugar Factory”] and was conceived out of an conversation Pennell had last year with members of the band Duran Duran.