Two more Feel the Force


We received word from our insider-man at Fox Studios earlier in the week that George Lucas had indeed landed in Sunny Sydney ready for “Episode 3”. And today, from an equally reliable scooper, we’ve been informed of two new cast additions to the eagerly anticipated sequel.

According to ‘Uncle Jay’, Bai Ling and Australian actor Bruce Spence have won plum parts in the third and final “Star Wars” chapter.

According to the scooper, most would know Bai Ling from her role in the Cult favourite “The Crow”. “Most of you know her as the mysterious and lethal Myca from "The Crow", Top Dollar’s Chinese goth babe! She’s also been in such films as "Red Corner", "Wild Wild West" and "Anna and the King". It was announced on Access Hollywood, but what role she will play remains unknown at this point in time. Given her role as Myca, she would make an awesome Sith chick!

“Probably best known for his portrayal as The Gyro Captain in "The Road Warrior" (aka "Mad Max 2"), Spence is also no stranger to the genre. He was also in "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome", though as a different character, "Dark City", a very underrated piece of dark brilliance, as Mr. Wall and "Queen of the Damned". Spence has lended his voice talents to "Finding Nemo" as well as the "Enter the Matrix" game as "Trainman", a role that he will play onscreen as well in "The Matrix Revolutions". And finally, Spence has also landed the role as ‘The Mouth of Sauron’ in "Return of the King". This was announced on StarWars.Com but again, no one knows what Spence’s role will be, but given appearance, he might be someone slimy and grotesque.”