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The D Files

It’s anyone’s guess whether another “X Files” Movie will ever happen, but one thing’s for sure, star David Duchovny isn’t holding his breath. The man behind Mulder’s monotone has struck a deal to write and direct his first feature, “House of D”, for Ovation Entertainment and Bob Yari Prods. Co-starring his wife, Tea Leoni as well as Robin Williams and “Road to Perdition” star Tyler Hoechlin, The Hollywood Reporter describes the movie as an emotional fable about New York and the sweeping power of friendship. It tells the multilayered story of a man coming to terms with his past and his present and resolving his relationships with the people who helped make him who he is. Williams will play the lead character, with much of the story being told through flashbacks to his childhood, where he will be portrayed by Hoechlin.

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