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Clints Bits – 20/6

Clints Bits – 20/6

Before you all rush out on hand over the green to see, well, the green, this weekend, here’s the regular staplings of newsy bits. My take on "The Hulk" up today too.

  • The trailer for “The Punisher” is now online here

  • The official site reports that Genevieve O’Reilly has signed on to play Mon Martha [a character from “Return of the Jedi”] in “Star Wars Episode III”.

  • Jackmans Landing has posted the first pic of Hugh Jackman in his “Van Helsing” garb, which turned up in this week’s Entertainment Weekly.

  • A teaser poster for the upcoming “Shrek 2” is online here

  • Mark Romanek has been set to direct Tom Hanks’s next flick “A Cold Case”, which is the tale of Gotham District Attorney’s chief investigator Andy Rosenzweig. Before he retires, he vows to solve the 27-year-old murder of a friend, even though the case couldn’t be colder. It is a crime that has haunted him his entire career.

  • Beck/Smith report that sequels to “Bad Boys 2” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” are already mooted.

  • The Z Review reports that Heather Graham has signed on to star in and produce a movie called “The Accidental Virgin”. Sounds fitting. Ouch!

  • The first review of “The Hitcher II : I’ve been waiting for you” has been posted at Expecting much?

  • reports that the planned “Gilmore Girls” spin-off, that would have centered around Milo Ventimiglia’s character, Jess, has been canned.

  • Upcoming Movies reports that Russell Crowe is back aboard Jodie Foster’s “Flora Plum” project.

  • reports that “Charlies Angels : Full Throttle” will be released in an unrated version when it hits DVD. In addition to some racier, more violent scenes, the disc will include a commentary track by the actresses during a pyjama party and a short adventure film with the "Charlie’s Angles" dolls similar to the one on the "Rambo" DVD.

  • Kim Basinger is in negotiations to take on the lead role in "Cellular," a thriller in which she’ll play a kidnapped woman who places a random call, reaching a young man whom she must persuade to help her.

  • Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Bobby Cannavale, Lisa Ann Walter, Broadway veteran Deborah Yates, Nick Cannon and Richard Jenkins have joined the cast of the Richard Gere – Jennifer Lopez flick “Shall we Dance”, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Rupert Everett will star opposite Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson in the British feature "A Way Through the Woods," which marks the directorial debut of Oscar-winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • “Hulk” writer Mike France told the IGN FilmForce website that “I wouldn’t say no to a shot at Captain America, set in World War II”.

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