You're the One I don't want


Big bad disappointment to those looking forward to a Johnny/Livvy “Grease” reunion, with word just arriving at the headquarters here that that vehicle’s nearly all out of gas.

A little under a year ago, Paramount announced they’d indeed be making a third Grease movie, and in it, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John would be playing older versions of the characters they played in the original. The focus then would be on their teenagers [at one time Kylie Minogue was rumoured to be playing one of them].

Both Livvy and John were said to be interested, with the former regularly declaring that if the script’s right, they’d both be interested.

But today, according to an insider, thing’s aren’t looking good for the project, with Travolta this week deciding against the project. “He was advised it might be a bad move”, says the scooper. “Paramount are none too happy”.

John’s exit from “Grease 3” is a major blow for the production basically sending it straight to the ‘could-have-been’ graveyard. After all, it’s not likely to go ahead with someone else in the role of Danny Zuko, is it? “Apparently recasting the part has been discussed, but it’s highly doubtful anyone will back such a project”.

No exact reasons have been given for Johnny’s sudden thumbs down to the project, but we’re told it’s more than likely due to some of the ‘better’ offers – like the “Get Shorty” sequel – that he’s suddenly receiving. “He was having a crappy time there for a while. He’s not going to do Grease 3 unless it’s absolutely necessary – a last resort – and at the moment, he feels he can do better”.

I’m sure Jeff Conaway’s available?