Batman Returns…and he looks like Ashton Kutcher!


It’s been mentioned before, but apparently the rumour that Ashton Kutcher is up for the role of “Batman” is gathering more steam.

According to E Online, Kutcher has indeed been approached about playing the Dark Knight in Chris Nolan’s “Batman 5” [or whatever the heck it’ll end up being called] and has indeed accepted. According to the site, things may change “but at present, he’s the man in the cowl”.

The site adds, “As a responsible journalistic outlet, we have to ask: How the hell did this happen?! Well, when now out director Brett Ratner got close to casting Superman this year, he tested and retested Kutcher, who apparently did well. The "known mostly as a comic actor and that’s even a stretch" Kutcher seemed to want Bats over Supes (who wouldn’t?) and is now close to being announced as the lead in the flick to be directed by Christopher Nolan”.

Hmm…this isn’t even “Batman : Year One” – and if it were a youngster might be a nice choice – but Kutcher as wise-old Batman? Please say it ain’t so…