The Machines Rise, The Viewers discuss


Hands up who else is looking forward to “Terminator 3”? Ok, so it might be ordinary, it’ll probably be far less a film than the first two films [one of my reviewers has seen it and seen just that] and yet it’ll still make more money in one week that you or me could ever dream about. How about a verdict?

There’s been a few reviews scooting up around the net in the last week or saw for T3 [I believe we had one of the –if not the – first reviews of it a month or two ago when it was screened for the studio execs] and most of them are reasonably positive. No one’s exactly standing in the streets cheering the commeth of the new blockbuster of blockbusters, but no one’s exactly slamming it either which compared to some of the rubbish Arnie Schwarzenegger’s been dishing out the last decade is a big thing.

I myself wasn’t exactly taken with the trailer for the film. It just didn’t sell it. Are they saving the best for the pic itself?

According to ‘Heartthorn’ [one of the many reviewers who’ve sent their takes to Aint it Cool in the past few days], they certainly are.

“In the action sequences, T3 does outgun T2 in terms of sheer size and amount of destruction and mayhem on screen. All the obligatory scenes of previous films (most notably T2) are repeated here – Arnold’s full-monty entrance to a bar, his sunglass, motor cycle gigs, etc., etc. – with a bit of twist, but humor does not really hit the mark…which makes you a bit nervous in the beginning”, says the scooper at one point. “But when the action starts, it never lets up. Notable here is the car chase scene – it’s real, and because it’s real, it’s spectacular. Much better than gamey Matrix Reloaded I must say. You get that sense of ‘wow’ – not the special effects ‘wow’, but like Jackie Chan ‘wow’ – that what you’re seeing is a ‘real’ destruction.

“The story itself does not disappoint too much either – all the elements of the film which made me hate the film before I even saw it actually turned out to be pleasant surprises – the hotty female TX, Nick Stahl, Clare Daines…they all deliver. (Except that shitty "SHE’LL BE BACK" bullshit line). The character development of Nick Stahl and Clare Daines was well done, I must say. The ending by the way was a great setup for T4 and possibly T5…

Finally, “Overall, the film does have a bit of cheesy moments, but it’s strong. Performance by Nick Stahl was very convincing and pleasing at the same time. However, it doesn’t feel GRAND – like Cameron GRAND. The pacing is very quick, and you get that feeling – the feeling that it’s too quick a ride.”

After checking out “The Hulk” today and walking out a little disappointed, I’m leaving my expectations at the foyer door from now, so be what you may T3. As long as Arnie doesn’t morph into a liquid grey blimp monster jumping about the desert I’ll be reasonably happy.