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Toying with one's career

Gotta admit, it’s a sad thing, but it’s also about the best move Sylvester Stallone’s made in his professional career for about a decade. After a slew of direct to video duds [the latest being “Avenging Angelo” and “D-Tox”], the former box-office champ is biting the bullet and playing the hammy villain in the new “Spy Kids” adventure. Heck, it’s not exactly the kind of part the action legend wants to be playing, but it’s a nice start.

Today, Sly talked to USA Today about the role of the Toymaker, who he says has multiple personalities.

"This is a man who’s having all these struggles in his own brain," Stallone says. "I’m stretching the emotional rubber band. Part of him is The Dictator, this hellbent, military, crush-them-all guy. I do a little takeoff of George C. Scott, but perhaps under the influence of a gallon of espresso. One of them is The Scientist. And one of them is The Hippie, the peace-and-love and why-can’t-we-get-along-and-let’s-join-hands-and-we-are-the-world kind of guy. He’s definitely a throwback to Haight Ashbury."

The Toymaker also impersonates a "news reporter, kind of a Mortimer Snerd/TV-commentator type," Stallone says.

The Toymaker has been banished to cyberspace, where he attempts to lure the unsuspecting to join him.

"And once they’re there," Stallone says, "they’re never going back."

Sly also commented on those direct to video offerings of late. "That happens when you get involved with certain projects that become a shadow of their original conception," says Stallone, who turns 57 on July 7. "You have to learn to roll with those punches. If you do take it personally, it’s a stigma that can stifle you in going any further with your life."

"I tell my friends when you’re watching Biography, always turn it off before the last half-hour," Stallone says. "It always turns out to be a nightmare ride through career hell. That’s the part you try to edit out of your life."

Good to see Sly’s still got a sense of humour.

To check out the full article plus the first pic of Sly as ‘The Toymaker’ click here

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