"Rocky" hits the bags


With his career now seemingly back on track – or close to it with “Spy Kids 3D” and “Rampant Scandal” just around the corner – it’s questionable whether another “Rocky” film is the best thing Sly Stallone should be doing at the moment. Regardless, he believes it is – and here’s some fresh details.

According to this post on StalloneZone.com, Stallone featured on TV’s Sportscenter.

“Hello Everyone!

I just saw Sly on Sportcenter about 10 minutes ago!He was at a golf course. I even taped it because I saw them say he was coming on. I just replayed it and am quoting it word for word…

Over shots of Sly at the golf course, A woman’s narration(from Sportcenter) says, "Slyvester Stallone has been spending time in the ring, getting ready for Rocky 6. Who will bring the champ out of retirement this time?"

Then it cuts to the interview with Sly and he jokes, "Picture Allen Iverson at 230 pounds, it’s a different kind of opponent."

Then Sly gets more serious and says, "Actually, (referring to the opponent), he’s kind of in the same situation that Rocky was. Even though he’s the champion, it’s the same situation that Rocky was in in Rocky 1. You know, it’s kind of like, an uncertain point in his life and even though he has all the skills, we don’t know if he has the real heart for it."

And this was the end of the interview. I think I got most of it word for word. Sly looked amazing!

I don’t know how this fits into the picture with Rampart Scandal just being announced but to me, Sly was saying that R6 is a go and especially with the woman’s announcement at the beginning. But I guess it’s got to happen after Rampart.

I was so pumped seeing this and had to share it with everyone. I hope we get some definitive word on R6 from the man himself. I wonder if they’ll replay this on tonight’s Sportcenter at 11. It was near the end of the show.”

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