Batteries not Included though!


What’s 2-foot, maniacal, blasphemous and rubbery? Nope, not my cat after she’s just slipped in the bath, but Chucky, everyone’s favourite demonic doll, and today we’ve good news on the horror icon’s comeback…

Following the success of “Bride of Chucky”, it was announced that Universal would indeed be moving ahead with a fifth in the popular “Child’s Play” series [rumoured to be called “Seed of Chucky” and again starring Jennifer Tilly], but much to the disappointment of creator Don Mancini – and a conglomerate of fans – the studio ultimately put Chucky back in his box, deciding to cancel all future movie plans.

A month or two ago, it was again reconfirmed that Chucky was – by all indications – history. Universal still had no plans on doing another film, and one of our scoopers placed a call to them to find out why. Apparently they just didn’t find the franchise fiscally viable enough.

But as of this week, New Line Cinema does.

The studio behind the successful “A Nightmare on Elm Street” series is seriously looking at purchasing the rights to the character, Chucky, and filming the long-awaited fifth installment.

But there is a catch. According to a Moviehole source, the studio first want to first see how some of their genre efforts this year do – notably “Freddy vs. Jason”, which they have a lot riding on. If the latter film is a moderate hit, they’ll then look at taking the reigns on “Child’s Play 5”.

No word yet on whether the first film off the rank would be the previously rumoured “Seed of Chucky” or a film based on a new script.

Good news for fans of the contentious series. We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to ‘Kenny’