How Kirk Cameron made a comeback


If you’re a regular Sunday-schooler you’ll probably know of “Left Behind”, a movie based on the events described in the Bible’s Book of Revelations. Kirk [“see I can make a comeback!] Cameron starred. Well seems the films have picked up a bit of a following, with work now underway on an animated feature film.

Independent film studio Cloud Ten Pictures and Namesake Entertainment, which produced the 2000 live action video premiere title Left Behind: The Movie, is developing an animated feature for theatrical or video release or possibly a TV show based on the first book in the series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

“This will be a young and hip take on the apocalyptic events of the best-selling Left Behind novel,” said Cloud Ten CEO Peter Lalonde to DVD Premiere Awards

The studio is still looking for an animation studio. For the animated movie, “the story line will be even closer to the original books than a live action movie can be simply because of the freedom animation gives,” said Andre van Heerden, Cloud Ten VP of films.

According to the site, “Left Behind” premiered on video and sold 2.5 million units, then earned $4.5 million in a theatrical run.

Last year, Cloud Ten released Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, which brought back the same cast as the original. It also proved to be quite a popular little direct to video number.

And according to the site, a live action TV series is also underway.