Another Terminator 3 Review…And its glowing


A couple of months back we’d heard from one of the lucky suits who’d taken in and advance screening of “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines”. He enjoyed it. There’s still some dubious folks out there who think [and claim] via forums and talkback areas that it’ll be nowhere near as good as the first or second film. Today, we’ve received our first review from the public – that might put a smile on everyone’s dial.

‘Goondox 24’ writes :

First of all let me say, SHAME on anyone who would be disappointed with this film. Wait – scratch film. Make that an experience. Jonathon Mostow has taken this story and made it completely his own. Gotta give props to the writers as well. After all, they are the same masterminds that brought us "The Game". I am not much for spoilers, unless people ask, so I will just give you the most straight-forward look at T3 I can.

Cast – First of all, there’s Arnold. He IS the Terminator. As soon as you first see him, you get that "Oh this ROCKS" feeling. He looks a little aged, but he still has it.
Nick Stahl, as John Connor, was most definitely my favorite though. I have heard so many people say that they should have brought back Furlong, but I for one am thankful they didn’t. Furlong was my least favorite part about T2, and still is. He may have done an OK job playing the part of a 10 year old boy, but there is no way he could have pulled this off. Stahl represents the more adult-like John Connor to perfection.
Clair Danes, as Kate Brewster, was a nice choice as well. She is just a fine actress. She has impressed me many times over, and she did so again in this film.
Kristana Loken, as the TX, was fantastic. In fact, I liked her better than Robert Patrick’s T-1000. She is just great to look at in action.
The rest of the cast, small and large characters, were great as well.


Earl Boen makes a return as Dr. Silberman, and it is a VERY funny scene. I know lots of people were wanting to see him return, because they knew that he actually saw the T-1000 walk through the steel bars, as well as seeing the T-800. We find out that he is basically in denial. He tells Kate that people often imagine things during these tough times. Then, Arnie shows up and Silberman runs away.

Story ~ The rules are unchanged. Everything that we have come to know in this series is nicely represented. But, Mostow and Co. were able to continue this story in a fascinating way, answering some questions that people have had about the ‘so-called’ plot holes. At the same time, they have added some very minor new ones, which is expected with a story such as this.

Dialogue ~ I enjoyed the dialogue. It wasn’t nearly as hokey as some of the dialogue in "Matrix Reloaded." Of course, there are some cheesy moments, but there isn’t anything that you wouldn’t have possibly heard in T2.


There are lines such as "Talk to the hand", "Eat me", "Your terminated" and of course, "She’ll be back." But what was more special about "Hasta La Vista Baby" or "Chill out D**kwad", or perhaps "I need a vacation"? I have heard that on the new T2 DVD, Cameron takes a shot at the line "She’ll be back." As if he has given us so much better dialogue *cough* "Titanic" *cough*. Most of the dialogue in T3 just works. It is as simple as that. You have to see the film to know what I mean.

Visual & Effects ~ The visual effects aren’t necessarily ground-breaking, but they are some of the best I have ever seen. What is truly magnificent about some of the action sequences, is that they haven’t forgotten the art of real effects. They still use real cars and real explosions. The stunt work is magnificent. The Champion Crane sequence takes a huge dump (for lack of better word) on the chase scene in "Matrix Reloaded". I for one could almost see the green screen work in that. If you are going to use CGI, you shouldn’t be able to tell you are using it. You truly do not in T3. Mostow hired the absolute best people to work on this film, and it clearly shows. But yet, it seems so effortless. The effects used to create the TX’s plasma canon, were tremendously cool. Also, Arnie takes such a beating in this film. Through make-up and some CGI, you will see some stuff done to him, that you have never seen before.

The Director ~ Jonathon Mostow has given us something very special. I know some people were very skeptical of the move to hire him, but it was a great move. He proved to me that he could create real suspense, when he made the film "Breakdown." "U-571" didn’t quite hit the mark with me, but I can appreciate the effort. Before going to see T3, you have to remember that this is not a James Cameron film. So, it does look and feel different, but is a good kinda different. I love his vision. I hope he returns for T4.

In closing, I would just like to say, whatever reserves you are holding for this film, let them go. If you are truly a fan of this franchise, you will not want to miss this third installment. After watching T3, I honestly can’t see the other two films as a whole, without including this one. It truly feels like a trilogy, and hopefully soon, we will get another new addition. T4 MUST come now!