Clints Bits – 27/6


If there’s one TV series on DVD that’s a must-have have [in addition to “Larry Sanders”, “Roswell”, and “Family Ties”] it’d be the the forthcoming “Spin City” disc. Apparently it’ll be two discs, best of all, Michael J.Fox is involved. Details about the release in today’s Bits.

  • has added a few more cast members to “Episode 3”. No one of note though.

  • Coming Soon has details on “The Matrix” spoof scene from “Scary Movie 3”.

  • Sean William Scott will star in a remake of “Gregoire Moulin Against Humanity” about a man who must find the love of his life during the pandemonium of soccer’s World Cup.

  • According to columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith, the WB are looking for someone to play a young Patience Price – at age 9-10 – in the upcoming “Catwoman”.

  • The official site for a film called “No Pain No Gain” is up here. “It’s sort-of the "Rocky" of bodybuilding with cameos from film critic Harry Knowles and the World’s Strongest Woman Jill Mills”, we’re told.

  • Zentertainment reports that a two volume DVD set of “Spin City” will hit shelves on August 26. The DVD set consists of episodes hand picked by star Michael J. Fox. Each episode will be prefaced with an introduction by Fox, explaining why he picked the episode and gives a brief summary of the back story.

  • According to Dark Horizons, Sharon Stone talked with "Access Hollywood" recently and denied rumours she’s been approached to play the First Lady in the A&E telemovie “Hilary’s Choice”.

  • The Z Review reports that Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum and Vivica A. Fox will all be back for the “Independence Day” sequel, which was announced this week.

  • Aint it Cool has a link to the trailer of “Envy” starring Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Christopher Walken.

  • According to The Herald Sun, a man was seriously injured trying to help Secret Life of Us star Samuel Johnson in a pub brawl, a court heard yesterday. More details here

  • Zap2it reports that Rhona Mitra has joined the cast of TV’s “The Practice”. She’ll play a third-year law student that takes a job as the firm’s new assistant.

  • A cool little fan site from a couple of guys who wrote a “Magnus : Robot Fighter” treatment has gone up here. The site features facts and material on how the project almost got greenlighted in the early 90s by three different producers: Richard Donner, Larry Gordon and Joel Silver.

  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, Country music star/actor Dwight Yoakam has been added to the cast of "Three Way Split" for director Scott Ziehl. It’s described as a darkly comic story of murder, kidnapping, blackmail and sexual deception.

  • Pamela Anderson told TV Guide Online a little about her cameo in “Scary Movie 3”. “It’s the opening of the movie and it’s a spoof of, um, one of those scary movies, which I never watch because I don’t like scary movies. I’m a Catholic school girl — let’s start there. (A Miramax rep later confirms that it’s a parody of The Ring.) Obviously, it [involves] a scary situation that turns out to be ridiculous. It’s a small part.” Anderson also said she’d not interested in doing a live-action version of her cartoon series “Striperella”.