Still a mature-age student?


Showing my age now, but I still remember going to see “Back to School” at the local multiplex. Hang on; it wasn’t ‘even’ a Multiplex back then, more like a two screener. Regardless, quite a cack at the time. I mean what’s funnier than seeing portly Rodney Dangerfield going back to college much to the disgust of his teenage son, who also goes there? Ok, Robert Downey Jr’s hair in the film came a close second.

Not content with only remaking sheer films of brilliance, Hollywood has now turned to the 80’s back catalogue. And yep, they’re remaking “Back to School”.

According to Variety, Dangerfield and MGM are headed Back to School, signing a deal to revive the biggest hit in the hound-faced comedian’s feature career.

Dangerfield will be involved in the remake’s development, with an exec producer or producer credit, and likely will do a cameo, though at 81 he won’t reprise his starring role.

MGM is now in discussions with writers on the project. The original grossed more than $91 million when it debuted in 1986. Dangerfield, who helped write the story, played a rich and obnoxious businessman who enrolls in college to encourage his son to go, as well.

What next, “Caddyshack”?