"Godzilla" meets his match


‘Joseph’ writes in with some new news on the next in the “Godzilla” series. The real ‘Zilla that is, not the half-cooked Hollywood effort from a couple of years back.

Says our scooper, "Toho Pictures have promised a special surprise for Godzilla’s 50th anniversary film in 2004. If this rumor is true, they are making good on their promise. The enemy Godzilla will face is one that’s intimately familiar to him-himself!

"Godzilla X Godzilla originated first in 1994 as an unused story treatment by Kazuki Omori. In it, the ghost of the original Godzilla killed in 1954 rose from the grave to fight its modern replacement. It was rejected in favor of Godzilla vs Destroyer, in which Godzilla perished.

"The new treatment will be the final part of a trilogy that included Godzilla X Mechagodzilla and Godzilla X Mothra X Mechagodzilla. Unable to manufacture a weapon to defeat Godzilla, scientists create a clone of the beast. Acting under the control of the military, the clone is sent to destroy the original. How will Godzilla react when faced with himself? Hopefully fans will find out in December 2004."