"Earhart" flying by years end


Director Richard Martini talked to The Coopesville Observer Newspaper and gave a short update on where his Amelia Earhart bio, “Amelia and George” currently stands. “I’m hoping to start shooting my Amelia Earhart picture before the end of the year. Knock on wood as they say”, he says. “I’ve done a lot of new research, and without giving too much away I’ll just tell you that I’ve interviewed a man who personally witnessed the destruction of her airplane on Saipan in 1944 by the U.S. military. But it’s going to be a love story, the story between Amelia and her husband George Putnam. It’s a terrific story, and I’m hoping to get the right cast together for it. I’m also at work writing a mini-series for HBO, I don’t think they’ve released what it’s about to the media yet, so I’ll leave it at that. But it’s a historical piece I’ve been working on for about twenty years, and finally found the perfect place for it.” Martini also tells the paper he’s working on a new movie with Charles Grodin.