The latest "Bat" rumours


There’s been an abundance of news this week about the new “Batman” film. While rumour of the month seems to suggest Ashton Kutcher has the role in the bag, others are saying otherwise.

E Online asked Warners whether Kutcher was up for the role. They said “No”. They also asked if Batman 5 is about to happen and whether screenwriter David Goyer was, in fact, flying up to Vancouver, British Columbia–where Goyer’s shooting Blade 3 this summer–to hang with director Christopher Nolan and talk about preproduction. Again, the answer was, "No."

“Our sources report that the script is great, actually, and that everything is smooth sailing, except for the disagreement between the studio and Nolan over the casting of Bruce Wayne. The studio wants Kutcher, Nolan wants Guy Pearce or somebody who could actually play the role. Not always a bad thing. When Sony and Sam Raimi went to war in the Leonardo DiCaprio versus Wes Bentley Spidey fight, we got Tobey Maguire out of the deal, so why not? As long as Kutcher gets punk’d in the equation, we could care less”, says the site.

Meantime, Batman on Film has received two reports suggesting Christian Bale is up for the role. The site also points to where “the scooper tells the website that WB and Nolan have decided to extend the deadline for casting Batman until the end of summer (around the end of August). At that time it’ll either be Kutcher–the studio’s choice, or someone else of Nolan’s liking. Apparantly, WB holds Nolan in such high regard, that they’re willing to let the casting of Bruce Wayne be his call. Also, the scooper told the website that the 2005 release date first indicated by your’s truly here at BATMAN ON FILM is on the money”

And also on the aforesaid site, a rumour that Christopher Lloyd is up for the role of The Scarecrow in the film. Whaddya think?