What's really going on with "Batman"?


A couple of sites are reporting that Christian Bale is still up for the role of “Batman”. Is this true? We got in touch with one of our highly reliable studio sources to find out exactly what’s going on with the production.

“To answer your question – tough one. Everyone is up for Batman. Anyone who has a half-decent agent and is in the Batman profile is going to try to keep their name on the list. Christian was only interested in the Aronoksy Batman Year One project which has since been shelved. When we think about the WB Batman project, it’s a wild card”, says ‘Taxpayer’

“Christian’s agent is noneother than uber-agent, Patrick Whitesell, who represents a lot of the hot 20-something talent – in particular, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as well as Hugh Jackman, Drew Barrymore, and Joaquin Phoenix. Whitesell has a track record in getting his clients cast in big movies. Whitesell also represents James Marsden who was unhappy with his begoggled role in X-Men and would love to get more face time as Bruce Wayne. So would Joaquin (but he’s unfortunately short). So Whitesell has a lot of candidates to forward for WB’s consideration. Bale is one of them but he has the handicap of being box office poison. Also, after Reign of Fire tanked, Bale has been loathe to touch another big SPFX movie.

“But here’s a surprise left field candidate. Guess who was this close for the Ethan Hawke role in Training Day? Freddie Prinze Jr. He lost Training Day to Hawke because they decided he looked too young. Prinze is dying for acting cred and box office clout (aside from Scooby Doo). A couple months ago, Freddie was telling the press that he’s ‘retired’ but the word is that he’s working out and lobbying hard for BATMAN. It’s admittedly a long-shot, but if Prinze gets it, he will have given his career a big boost. He also brings along a younger demographic – and Hollywood is always looking for young!”

‘Taxpayer’ is a highly reliable source so be interesting to see what comes of all this, but please, Freddie Prinze Jr?