There might be a "Predator 3"…


A few years back rumours circulated that action maestro Robert Rodriguez was set to make a “Predator 3”. Nothing ever eventuated of it. But now, with “Aliens vs. Predator” around the corner, there’s just got to be interest? Possibly. A booming script has indeed been written. Just one thing: the studio hasn’t snapped it up yet.

Chances are no one’s going to greenlight a stand-alone “Predator” film before they see how well “Aliens vs. Predator” does – but Screenwriter Sam Park is confident they will, because the script the studio once considered using, “Predator 3 : The deadlier of the species” is still on his i-mac.

Park explains, “It’s one of my favorite sci-fi action films. Some films are great for certain parts. This is a film that works terrifically as a whole and then some. Joel Silver’s deft producing and John McTiernan’s sure hand at directing came together at the perfect time to realize Jim and John Thomas’s suspenseful, smart and witty action script. Arnold. He was born to play Dutch. Somehow the planets aligned, mystic forces gathered and "Predator" dropped into theaters in 1987 causing everything you knew about action and science fiction movies to change.

This was another attempt on our part to do something the fans would love and even the larger film audiences would embrace as familiar but with a new and exciting spin on the concept. [Joel Silver’s assistant, Reggie Hunter] did his part and got this treatment into [Joel] Silver who told him it was great but…he no longer was working with Fox on this franchise (now strictly a Warner Brothers team player) and so, nothing came of it.

According to Park though….there might be some interest in it now.

I checked out the storyline treatment for the film and I must say, it isn’t too bad at all. If anything, it’s great to see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch back in the mix. It’s very loyal to the first film sit in the Jungle again, and sounds like it could be a perfect vehicle for Arnie. Lots of double crossing, Arnie vs Predator fights again, and trivial origins stuff.

Says Park, “Dutch is back. He turns his back on love to track down the traitor who
wiped out his elite squad of soldiers. Two years later it’s Dutch who
is being secretly stalked by a Predator with a mysterious agenda until
it learns that Dutch holds something more dear to him than life. This
sends the Predator into its own private hell during the worst snowstorm
in New York’s recorded history to find Dutch’s heart…and rip it out.”

Well keep you posted on it. Meantime, we were also provided with what would be the description of the teaser trailer :

An audience settles into the darkness of a theater as the previews
begin on the screen.

The camera drifts through an unearthly blue and white spray. Suddenly
we realize we are gliding through snow during a blizzard at night in
New York City. Down a hazy street the florescent glow of a STREETLAMP

New York City is captured in a frozen nightmare.
The worst blizzard in 70 years.

We drift past the streetlamp toward a DARK ALLEY.

Some say the winter’s cold has icy teeth
that chew and rend the flesh…

A frozen RED STALAGMITE of drained blood rises out of the shadows to
point us up into the darkness.

…its frigid wind, a voice that howls
to our most anxious inner consciousness…

Floating up as if in a nightmare we suddenly see it in the darkness: a
frozen HUMAN BEING suspended from a fire escape, his skin ripped
completely away to reveal the gore inside.

…like a predator.

The camera turns from this tragedy to the bloody ice below.

Who can save us from this evil?

Out of the icy flakes emerges a HUGE FIGURE in shadow. His parka is
tattered, a sleeve is gone. He stops before the grisly stalagmite.
Quickly he reaches to grab it. Boulders shift under the skin of the
exposed arm. With a superhuman effort the slender frozen mound breaks

Turning into the light of the streetlamp is DUTCH (Arnold
Schwarzenegger). He’s older. A healed scar creases one brow. He raises
the jagged ice like a spear and then we see it. The GREEN BLOOD glowing
upon the ice covering the sidewalk.

It bleeds.
We can kill it.

He raises that red ice spear high and jams it into the Predator blood,
causing the ice to crack into a thousand fissures as the glowing green
goo flows through them to form the TITLE:


The screen goes black.

Coming this Christmas.
That isn’t Jack Frost nipping
at your nose.



Sam and Clay’s script treatment is darn gold. Anyone listening?