What's going on with "Indiana Jones 4"?


What would an Indiana Jones movie be like without Steven Spielberg behind the camera? According to Sean Connery, who’s set to star in the film, we might be able to find out. But is he right?

Empire Online reports that Connery claims that Spielberg won’t be taking on directorial duties for the fourth sequel.

‘All I know is that someone called the office and said that Steven was not doing the movie,’ explains Connery, ‘that Harrison had in fact verbally agreed to do another one and would I be interested? And I said of course I would. I had a very good experience with him.

‘[I was] disappointed to hear that Steven wouldn’t be doing it, but in the end it all comes down to how good the script is – if it’s really workable.’

But according to Aint it Cool, the news is untrue, Spielberg will indeed be directing. Coming Soon later seconded that.

Watch this space.