Idle, Asner and Snots the Dog on "Vacation"


Remember the announcement a couple of months back about a new “Vacation” movie, a spin-off starring Randy Quaid? Well it’s starting to sound more interesting. According to the informative site, Eric Idle has joined the cast, reprising his role as the accident-prone Englishman from “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”. An extra from the film wrote on the sites meesage board “I played the part of a passenger traveling at a busy Chicago airport during Christmas time. All of the scenes that I took part in were really funny. They involved Cousin Eddie along with Cousin Catherine, their son, Audrey Griswold, and Ed Asner as some old guy, rushing through the airport. Snots the dog makes a return, along with Eric Idle, as the put-upon Brit.” Jake Thomas [Third] and Fred Willard are also on board. The site – a homebase for everything Chevy Chase – also has details on what Griswold’s up to these days. Apparently he’s starring in a talking dog movie [another one] called “Kung Fu Dog”.