Christian Bale needs to fly


Warner has considered him for “Batman”, he’s also been measured for 007’s tux –but Christian Bale seems content on doing it small. And why wouldn’t he? His previous stint in commercial blockbusters has been met with a breezy response. Maybe it’s time to do some ‘acting’?

Hot on the heels of his role in the Indy thriller “The Machinst” [which I hear the script is great]; Bale’s going to do something as equally advantageous to refining his acting chops.

According to ‘Accountant’, “after the Machinist, he is looking to star in a small film based on the Werner Herzog documentary "Little Dieter Needs to Fly" for a small production company called Media Ventures. Based on the life of Vietnam war-hero Dieter Dengler, this film will be directed by Herzog as well. Herzog is the German New Wave director of the 1970’s who is best known for his work with Klaus Kinski – Nosferatu. Looks like Bale is determined to stay non-commercial!”