Judgement Day for T3


Ah, quiet stay the sceptics, with Columbia’s “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”, the year’s most questionable film, taking to the box office with a mallet and chisel – demolishing all competition in its way.

The film started last Wednesday in the states, and although it probably won’t overtake last year’s July 4 winner “Men in Black 2”, it still made a nice $12.4 million in that first day. On Friday, T3 earned another $12.9 million, an increase over Thursday’s figure. So that’s $41.2 million the film’s made in the three days it’s been on release, including Tuesday night previews.

On Sunday, a quick check of the figures revealed the third film in the franchise took in an estimated $44 million and $72.5 million for the whole five days, including Tuesday night’s previews. That makes it the fourth biggest opener for a July 4 weekend. The Jonathan Mostow-helmed film easily topped the charts as the largest debut for an R-rated film during the holiday, beating its predecessor, "T2: Judgment Day" ($31.8 million). It also was a personal best for Schwarzenegger.

Those Australian readers [Victorian and Tasmanian] who want Tickets for “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines” need look no further than the Village Cinemas website. There, you can pre-book tickets for the movie in advance – a good way to make sure you see it first night, and actually get in. They are also offering the chance to win a great home entertainment package for people who do pre-purchase tickets.

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