Dude, he ain't "Batman"


The always informative Batman on Film site – the only place to go to get the latest on the forthcoming Batman movie – has news on who ‘won’t’ be starring in the lead now.

According to an anonymous scooper for the site, Ashton Kutcher is out of the running to play the Caped Crusader.

“Kutcher will NOT be Cast as Bruce Wayne. Nolan want’s an unknown, He thinks Kutcher comes with too much baggage (Dude Where’s My Car?, That 70’s Show). He thinks Kutchers antics as of late to try and gain publicity nods and attention (dating Demi) is uncalled for and pathetic. Apparently Nolan told Kutchers camp that he would consider him for the part if he started acting like Mature Hollywood and less like the idiot he plays on That 70’s Show. He doesn’t think that Kutcher would suit the needs of the BATMAN audience, the way that Clooney/Kilmer did, and even though Nolan wants "Young Hollywood" in the next Batman flick, he said that Kutcher just doesn’t fit the part, nor will he ever.

“When Nolan told Ashton’s camp he needed to be more mature, he didn’t mean to grab an older more respected Actress in Hollywood and try to "Date" her. The Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher "Romance" is a publicity stunt, One which will not score Kutcher the part in the new Batman Flick.

The scooper also reports that Christopher Lloyd’s been confirmed as The Scarecrow, and that Michael Gough’s the only dude reprising his role [Alfred] from a previous film.