Carving up Anaconda 2


“Anaconda 2” is scheduled to sliver into production in Fiji at the beginning of August and according to a Moviehole source two cast members are confirmed. They’re Nicholas Hope, the Australian actor who gained notoriety after starring in the controversial “Bad Boy Bubby” a couple of years back. He more recently played Old Man Smithers in “Scooby Doo”. And Peter Curtin, also based in Australia, whose credits include “Darkness Falls” and “Til Human Voices Wake Us”. We also spoke to one of the writers who shed some light on the plot.

“The story is essentially a good old fashioned jungle adventure about a scientific expedition (the charismatic but unethical scientist, his greedy and often cowardly business partner, the good and highly ethical girl scientist named ‘Sam,’ and the handsome but crusty and always brave jungle guide, her unlikely romantic interest, who apparently now also has a pet monkey… and why not?) that travels to the darkest jungles of Borneo (although they are now filming in Fiji) in pursuit of a rare black orchid that blooms only once every seven years and just might, maybe, could hold the secret to immortality (or at least living a lot longer) and is therefore worth more than Viagra to the pharmaceutical company sponsoring the expedition. When the snakes aren’t present, human greed, ambition and murder hold the stage. And when the snakes start showing up, well, what the black orchid is really good for, it would seem, is turning big snakes into really, really huge snakes since, as we all know, Anacondas never stop growing, and the longer they live, the bigger they get and the more people they can eat in this sort of old fashioned jungle adventure.”