Colin Farrell nabs Diaz's ex?


Where does one go after Cameron Diaz? straight to Colin Farrell of course. Today news on what one of Cameron’s ex’s is possibly doing next…or should that be ‘who’ he’s doing next?

A Scooper for Dark Horizons writes, "I am an actor in Ireland but recently read for Alexander – Oliver Stone’s one in Dublin. In the last month hundreds of young Irish actors read Hepahastion for his casting director (though with the feeling this was only a test scene) – with a small minority getting a callback to meet Stone (not me this time!) but several friends. On Stone’s return trip to Ireland two weeks back – Jared Leto was around town – and word was with those who auditioned that he may have secured Hephastion or Alexander’s other male younger lover. He, Colin and some other actors were drinking in the Clarence (U2s bar) alongside his ‘Intermission’ co-stars Keri Condon and Laurence Kinlan – but I decided not to push the boat and ask. Though I also did hear that an Irish actor had secured the young Anthony Hopkins character".