Fourth "American Pie" in the oven?


Big year for sequels ain’t it? “American Wedding” being no exception. Sorry, for our Australian readers that’s “American Pie: The Wedding”, because we wouldn’t get the connection otherwise you see? Anyway, enough whining, want to see what’s being said about the cast who decided not to return for this one?

Talking to MTV, the cast of the flick articulated their feelings on doing it without Chris Klein, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth or Natasha Lyonne. "I was concerned about it at first, because I didn’t want people who were fans of the first two to really miss those characters, and we do, definitely," Sean William Scott admitted. "I’m not sure if they just didn’t want to come back, or if they had other things going on. A lot of times we’re just like, ‘Where’s Chris Klein?’ "

At first, Scott wasn’t all for doing it either – but his mind was changed. "[‘American Wedding’] is the funniest script I’ve ever read," Scott explained. "It’s really what made me [change my mind and] want to do the movie. … It’s just, like, any nervousness that we had about doing a third one is gone, and we feel good about it. This one by far is going to be the best one."

And though it’s being marketed as the final installment in a trilogy, there’s still the possibility of yet another slice of "Pie."

"I learned a valuable lesson in answering that question," said Jason Biggs, "because after the first one I was always like, ‘C’mon, part two? No, please.’ And [then], after the second one, ‘Well jeez, maybe I should leave the option open. Maybe there’ll be a third one,’ and sure enough, here we are."

"I don’t know, man," Scott weighed in. "We’ve been saying this is the last one. It really completes the trilogy. If it does well, I’m sure the studio will go, ‘Let’s bring on a fourth one’ — ‘American Baby’ or I don’t know, man. [But] for me what was exciting [about ‘Wedding’] is that it really completed the character. I’m pretty happy with it. I think this will be the last one."

“American Baby”? Now that’s milkin’ a dead beat cow.