Stan's grand movie plan


Stan Winston is hoping to bring his comic creation, “Trakk”, which follows the intergalactic adventures of an immortal monster hunter in 2099, to the big screen, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The title character is a sword-wielding hunk of brawn whose primary foe is Vaquoul, a wily monster creator responsible for the werewolf, the vampire and other popular nightmares. The designate will first spawn action figures, then a game and ultimately the aforesaid movie. "Hollywood is always focused on ancillary rights to films, and I believe that a franchise can only succeed if each entity stands on its own," Winston said. "So ‘Trakk’ needs to be an excellent comic in its own right, which in turn can feed a video game, which has to be the best video game in that genre, which will feed a movie, which needs to be an excellent blockbuster. It doesn’t matter whether the movie or comic or video game came first, as long as the stories and characters are compelling."