Wyld Stallions ready to gallop again?


You’d think the last thing Keanu Reeves would be considering is another “Bill and Ted” movie, but it’s always been the plan to do a third one. Regardless, of whether it’s going to cost the studio an extra $20 million to recast their original Ted Theodore Logan.

According to BillandTed3.com, Alex Winter is indeed working on something – as overheard by Keanu’s office.

“The word from the office of Keanu’s management, who also own the rights to the Bill and Ted franchise: Alex Winter is supposed to be coming up with a draft. Now we didn’t say he "had" one finished yet, but as far as Keanu’s management heard, Alex was working on something.

“Yes, that is the latest as of 2003 folks. From as close of a source to Keanu and Alex as we could find. Any closer, we’d be interviewing the boys themselves…which isn’t a bad idea.

“As for the Keanu Camp–his manager’s people are waiting for HIM to bring up the subject of Bill and Ted. He’s has the authority to bring projects to the producers that he is interested in. If Keanu IS interested in doing a final Bill and Ted, and Alex comes up with a draft, an outline–anything–or goes with an available spec script, then Keanu’s management company will take the project seriously. From that point, it would be up to all parties involved to have a meeting and make some decisions. It would still be "development" but it would be good news for fans!”

Rumours of a third “Bill and Ted” have been muttered for years, last rumour had it that Bill and Ted would be aged 40, trying to get their musical act together.

Be nice to see how this one pans out. Or at least to see the look on Keanu’s face when Winter steps into his office, offering him the role.

Thanks to The Z Review