Woo's "Destiny" leads him to Calgary?


Johnny Travolta won’t be joining them, but it’ll still be nice to see “Face Off” star Nicolas Cage and Director John Woo teaming up again. The film in question is “Land of Destiny”, and as we speak they have the Kodak instamatic out snapping pics of potential filming locales.

According to The Calgary Sun, Woo is said to be looking again at the Calgary area as the principal backdrop for his period drama. "We had thought we’d be filming exclusively in Los Angeles, but I just got a new script that makes me want to look at Calgary again," Woo tells.

"…What has impressed me even more is the excitement the Alberta Film Commission has in wanting us to film in the (province). They have sent me some incredible location shots. It definitely makes me want to come and see them for myself. We told them we were hoping to begin filming in February and would need a lot of snow. They assured me, that’s one thing they could deliver."

"Destiny" is set in America in 1860 during the building of the railway. It focuses on a group of Chinese labourers and their Irish counterparts who have been brought to American expressly to build the railway.

"It is not a western, but an epic drama hopefully filled with warmth and powerful emotions," says Woo.

Woo has been developing this picture for Chow Yun-Fat and Nicolas Cage is still attached, but Cage won’t be able to get to Calgary until the fall.

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