Leary stuck in the "Ice Age"


Denis Leary’s about to get even more animated on us than usual, as he prepares to reprise his voice role in a sequel to Fox’s “Ice Age”.

Empire Online got the goods.

‘Truth is I said to these guys we should make the sequel at the same time we make the original,’ he told us. ‘But studios hate to spend money until they have a guarantee in their hands. So now they’ll have to pay twice as much to get it done and it’ll take twice as much time. But in principle we’ve all agreed that if it worked we’d all go back in.’

And is there a story yet? ‘I think there’s a story – the people at Fox are working on one right now. I think they’re talking about going back into the studios something around late Fall.’

Can we expect all the lead roles – namely Leary, John Leguizamo and Ray Romano – to be reprised? ‘It’ll be the three of us,’ Leary confirmed, ‘without the baby, obviously!’ Later on, Leary admitted that it’s more than a question of creative pride that’s brought him back to the project. ‘If [animated films] a hit they make tons of money! Future actors out there – take the back end on animated films! Guaranteed extra money!’