Clints Bits – 10/7


I get asked a lot – especially in interviews – whether the internet has the power to encourage or deter someone from seeing a film. Or does it at least give you folks a good feeling on a film, as in will be it be good or bad? Of course it does. But you’re the only person who can truly answer that question: be interesting to hear your take on “Lxg”. Meantime, just checked out the forthcoming "George of the Jungle 2", you can check out my review here.

  • According to a post on Counting Down, Orlando Bloom might be taking on the role of Gambit in “X-Men 3”. Grain of salt folks, grain of salt…

  • Director Paige Cameron is set to helm "The Empress King," based on the life of the first woman to become king, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Columbia Pictures and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company are in final negotiations with scribe Phil Wen to pen the comedy remake of Swedish flick "Kopps."

  • Kelly Rowland [“Freddy vs. Jason”] is in final negotiations to star as the female lead opposite Duane Martin in the indie feature "The Seat Filler" for director Nick Castle. The role would have the Destiny’s Child starlet playing – ahem – a gorgeous superstar.

  • "Spawn" screenwriter Alan McElroy has sold a script that’ll be made into a flick for World Wrestling Entertainment’s Los Angeles-based film division, which is headed by President Joel Simon. “High-Concept” is all they’ll say about the flick…

  • The Hollywood Reporter says a new TV series from Allen and Albert Hughes and Bruce Willis called “Touching Evil” has been given the greenlight. USA has ordered 13 episodes of the series, which stars Jeffrey Donovan as a detective who survives a gunshot to the head and then returns to work with a fearless attitude and a relentless pursuit of justice.

  • According to Variety, Artisan Pictures will adapt C.D. Payne’s novel “Youth in Revolt, the story of a precocious 14-year-old’s mission to lose his virginity.

  • Jennifer Lopez is said to be interested in “One for the Money”, based on the Janet Evanovich novel. According to Variety, the story follows an unemployed lingerie buyer whose only chance out of her financial troubles is to work for her cousin’s bail-bond business. Her first assignment is to collect the $10,000 bond forfeited on a murder suspect, who turns out to be the same rogue who took her virginity in high school.

  • The “Dawson’s Creek” series finale two-parter will get a disc release in the US on Sept. 30th and cover art is now up at DavisDVD. Thanks to Dark Horizons

  • A bit of “Superman” news from Dark Horizons – The Daily Oklahoman reports that the Oklahoma Film Commission has been contacted to provide possible locations for Clark Kent’s boyhood farm home.

  • Bloody Disgusting has another still from “Freddy vs. Jason” up.

  • also have a few snaps from the upcoming sequel too. In addition, the guys have also interviewed Director of Photography – Christian Sebaldt.

  • According to Hollywood North Report, Brightlight Pictures feature film "White Noise" is set to begin filming on August 19th to October 7th 2003 at Vancouver Film Studios

  • Entertainment Weekly has the first pic from the new Steve Martin comedy “Cheaper by the Dozen” and it’s up here

  • An attempt by an Australian anti-censorship group to screen the banned film “Ken Park” at a bar in Melbourne Tuesday night was stymied when police warned the bar’s managers that they could face losing their liquor license if the screening proceeded, says the IMDB. The group, The Free, told the Melbourne Herald Sun that they had been warned that plainclothes detectives would be in the audience if the screening went ahead

  • Avril Lavigne has denied rumours that she is to star in the forthcoming “Sk8er Boi” movie, reports Ananova.

  • The Trailer for the upcoming Eddie Murphy flick “Haunted Mansion” is now online here

  • TV Guide asked Nick Stahl whether he’ll be back for a T4. "I hope so," Stahl enthuses. "I think it would be great to come back and do another one. I’ve actually recently heard talk of them starting to create a fourth one. But I think for the next couple of months, it’s all speculative, depending on how this movie does. It seems to be doing pretty well."