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Wasn't it supposed to "Spawn" a sequel?

Wasn't it supposed to "Spawn" a sequel?

Don’t worry about “Heathers 2”, “Beetlejuice 2”, “The X Files Movie 2”, “The Vega Brothers”…whatever happened to “Spawn 2”? Wasn’t that essentially a yard away from getting the green?

Comics2Film talked to "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" producer Don Murphy about the current status of the sequel.

"Sam and Twitch are prominent characters. This movie is smaller and have perhaps even a cooler and scarier."

However, in spite of the current heat on superhero fare, things are not moving quickly with the studio.

"We turned in the draft to Sony. Sony’s a mess. I’m not sure where that stands at the moment," Murphy lamented. "If Sony doesn’t make it I’m sure that New Line would want their franchise back."

The uber-producer also talked shop on a couple of other projects.

“The producer tells us to expect an announcement about Neil Gaiman’s "Death: The High Cost of Living" at the upcoming Comic-Con International in San Diego. According to Murphy, Warner Bros has given the project a green light and they could be filming on it as soon as this year. Gaiman himself wrote the screenplay and will be directing the movie.”

"He will direct it for sure, otherwise I won’t make it," Murphy said.

“He also tells us that Marvel’s "Iron Man" looks to be a hot property. "Smallville" gurus Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are hard at work on the script.”

"We are waiting for the new script and New Line has indicated that, because of obviously all the Marvel success, they’d like to get that going later this year," Murphy said. "We’ll see."

“A little further down the pipeline is an adaptation of Hitosi Iwaaki’s manga "Parasyte," about alien spores bent on taking over the Earth but instead take over the left hand of a hapless teenager named Mike.”

"We have the director of ‘Cat in the Hat’ who wants to do it next, so that could come together pretty fast," Murphy speculates.

“Another exciting project is the recently announced live-action "Transformers," which Murphy is producing with "X-Men’s" Tom DeSanto. While there’s little new news since the June announcement, Murphy tells us that the story has had the intended effect of garnering immediate attention to the project.”

“In addition to studio interest, four or five directors came forward looking to talk about the project, including Michael Bay, Robert Zemeckis and Joseph Kahn.”

“Not doing quite as well is the long-suffering "Astro Boy" a project that Murphy said is "beyond frustrating."

"First Sony was gonna make it live-action, then they didn’t make it live-action because of ‘A.I.’ Now they spent the last year and half trying to make it [CG] animated," the producer explained.

"Of all the projects I have right now it’s certainly the most frustrating. I can’t tell you what’s going on with it because I don’t really understand what’s going on with it at the moment. It was always Amy Pascal’s favorite film. I happen to think whoever made that film would make a lot of money, it would be a big hit, and have a franchise. It’s not even that hard. It’s Pinocchio."

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