There is a "Dr" on call it seems..


News just in from Cinescape, Richard E.Grant is set to give voice to a new animated “Dr Who” series. And while on the topic, Andrew Merkelbach, the chappy at the centre of the “Dr Who” movie news, was in touch with what the film he’s doing – the one he’s doing instead of an adaptation of the cult BBC series – is. And also explains about that “Dr Who” movie rumour…

“The new production is a spin-off from our 2002 feature film Vortech – The Traveller and feature length audio-drama The Traveller – Land Of Hope And Glory. The film is called "Curse of the Depraved" and could prove as a pilot for a potential series.”, says Merkelbach.

The following synopsis followed :


Curse of the Depraved

Taking a holiday from saving the universe, The Traveller (in the fuller form of ANDREW MERKELBACH) and his delightful companion Jenny (JOANNE ROSE) visit the small coastal town of Caster’s Bay.

It’s Halloween time again and all hell is about to break loose. Behind the scenes, an evil force is manipulating events and growing ever stronger…

Only The Traveller can save the town’s residents from destroying each other, but first he’s got to help Jenny deal with her inner most fears…

The genre is sci/fi-chiller and it’s expected to run for 40-50minutes. The film is currently in production and is shot on DVM cameras. The budget is $5000 AUD.

And what’s this “Dr Who” movie you’ve rumoured to be involved in about? “We never intended to make a big budget ‘Doctor Who’ film. It was just going to be fan film, but things got out of hand and the fans got carried away with rumours. The production was just going to be made for family and ‘maybe’ friends, that’s it. Due to production and legal issues/problems, we decided to shelve the project and make another commercial film. It all turned out for the best really.”