Angels in the Infield…No.2 on the bench


It’s the battle of the 70’s TV stars as Robert Wagner takes the “Charlies Angels” to court. Apparently Wagner thinks he deserves a bit of dough streaming from the success of the recent movies. News at 11…

According to, “Actor Robert Wagner is suing Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment over the two "Charlie’s Angels" movies. Wagner claims that he is owed half the profits from the films because of his role in creating the original 1970s television series on which they were based, according to industry sources. In a contract with producers Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg, Wagner and his late wife, actress Natalie Wood, agreed to receive pay for a 1974 TV movie in addition to backend participation, or shared revenues, resulting from TV show proposals submitted jointly with Spelling-Goldberg Productions to ABC for the 1974-75 season.”

One of the show’s pitched ultimately became “Charlies Angels”.

“Thus far, Wagner has recieved no pay for the films. The lawsuit seeks a full accounting from Sony which includes all information and financial records regarding the production of the films in order to specify damages. Wagner’s attorney, Samuel Pryor, tells Zap2it that Wagner had been having discussions with Columbia for quite some time before the suit was filed on Tuesday.”