Clints Bits – 11/7


Checked out the upcoming “Ned Kelly” DVD Last night. Not a bad flick, but the disc is a little sub-standard. As I’ve explained in the review, Director Gregor Jordan’s not a devotee of the audio commentary – so needless to say, there’s not one there. There are a couple of good bonuses – a featurette predominantly – but a commentary would have really worked for this release. If anyone’s interested, the review’s here. Have a great weekend.

  • Keira Knightley is in talks to join Jude Law in the John Madden-directed “Tulip Fever”, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Queen Latifah and Jada-Pinkett Smith will star in an untitled action comedy which centres on two police detectives, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Stuart Beattie will adapt the James Siegel novel “Derailed” [Nothing to do with the Van Damme movie of the same name] for Miramax Films, says The Hollywood Reporter. The thriller follows the story of a middle-class professional man whose life goes incredibly and criminally awry.

  • Ed Neumeier [“Starship Troopers 2”] has been assigned to pen the feature adaptation of author Lois Lowry’s science fiction novel "The Giver”, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Jeff Bridges is likely to star in the film, which tells of Jonas, a 12-year-old boy living in an idyllic future where all memory of human history has been erased and there is no crime, poverty or sickness — only joy. However, Jonas’ life is thrown into turmoil when he learns some chilling truths about the world in which he lives, and his knowledge sparks rebellion.

  • Monkey Peaches reports that Zhang Ziyi has a cameo in “My Wife is a Gangster”. Ziyi [“Rush Hour 2”] will participate in a fight scene with the lead character towards the end of the film.

  • Art Camacho will direct Cynthia Rothrock and Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson in “Sci-Fighter”, a low-budget “Matrix”, reports Kung Fu Cinema. Wilson plays a father forced to enter a virtual fighting game in order to save his son (Dan Mayid) from a virus played by Christine Bannon-Rodrigues. Eric Lee and Lorenzo Lamas round out the principle cast.

  • You can check out the daring poster for Macauley Culkin starrer “Party Monster” here

  • Robert Redford will star in the feature adaptation of Alan Tennant’s nonfiction book “Aloft” for National Geographic Films, says Variety. The project is the true story of Tennant’s adventures with an irascible down-on-his-luck pilot (Redford) as they resort to unconventional means to track the international flight path of the North American peregrine falcon in a plane equipped with Army high-tech listening devices.

  • Disney and Mandeville Films have acquired the life rights of precocious football-playing brothers Dennis and Derrick Johnson to develop into “Supersize”, says Variety.

  • Mukmouth have posted some possible production sketches from the upcoming “Willie Wonka” flick. They real?