Has Ben Affleck been attacked?


Has Ben Affleck been attacked whilst working on his latest movie? That’s the rumour floating about Canada right now..

According to Hollywood North Report, “A major rumor is circulating town right now and word is that Ben Affleck was attacked yesterday. Usually we don’t report "rumors" but seeing that we’ve received multiple emails from different people on this and other "in the know Vancouver Film Industry types" that we’ve talked to today have heard this as well, so we’re going to run it. I just want to say in advance that nothing is confirmed at this time”.

This is the email the site received:

"I have a friend who works for the Vancouver Film Studios and was told by him of an incident at the studios yesterday afternoon. Someone jumped a fence in between 2 of the buildings and attacked Ben Affleck. It wasn’t long before Affleck’s bodyguard jumped in and beat him up pretty badly. The intruder had to be taken to hospital via helicopter. My friend said they were trying to keep it as quite as possible so no media outlets could get word of it. The police were there most of the afternoon. Affleck didn’t seem too bothered as he continued on with his day after it was broken up. I just thought I would pass this on as it hasn’t been reported anywhere else. Yours truly, Shane from Burnaby"

We’ll keep you in the loop…